Shadow Spiritual Guidance

A Home for Love and Growth.

Are you looking for a space for spiritual growth, emotional autonomy, and personal growth? If yes, you're in the right place!

Anyone who would like to have a higher sense of self and has recognized their intention to do so are always welcomed.

The SSG Journey

Shadow Spiritual Guidance was founded to be recognized as a safe haven to be inquisitive and transformative on your life’s path. We seek to provide you with the techniques and tools to achieve your goals. What motivates and inspires us most is seeing our clients grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

Becoming Balanced Beings

The SSG Journey focuses on making use of shadow work to promote self-love and direct your path towards a more fulfilling life. The term "shadow" is used to illustrate whatever we see as unacceptable and inferior within ourselves. When we acknowledge and explore the shadow, our aim is to:

Release judgment and negative self-talk and move to a totally positive mindset. 

Develop your sense of empowerment. 

Uncover the internal blocks in your life and understand who you really are.

There's no doubt that this journey won't be all smiles and sunshine but what we will do is challenge your ego, encourage you to develop meaningful and deeper connections within yourself, and get rid of the obstacles preventing you from achieving your life goals. 

We believe that shadow work can help overcome numerous hurdles in all aspects in your life. We create a non-judgmental, warm, and open environment which allows us to tap into our deepest selves. He understands that this kind of work is not always an easy task. However with SSG, together we explore whatever may be keeping our clients in pain or confusion by offering insight, support and encouragement. We challenge you to step into the unknown, have compassion, set intentions, and be curious about yourselves so you may shift to their highest potential!

1 on 1 Sessions

SSG is dedicated to providing confidential client-centered sessions in an accepting environment to support growth and healing. 

Aspects Of Shadow Spiritual Guidance 

Spiritual Advisory
I aim to provide you with advice on several spiritually aspects:

Life Advisory
I offer you life advice in several areas:

I provide several kinds of coaching:

Shadow Spiritual Guidance

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